Delivery robots will replace Amazon's drone deliveries

by:Gewinn     2022-05-18
Online shopping has become a way of life for most people today, but when we are comfortably waiting for the goods, we cannot do without couriers and trucks. Amazon’s launch of drone delivery was once gratifying. Now, an Israeli student has conceived a courier robot, which is very likely to make the courier team out of the stage and avoid the trouble of missing the order. According to a recent report by the British 'Daily MailAnd no matter the size of the object. This kind of robot can use the robot arm to carry the goods and drive on the single-wheel electric balance car. The car uses a balancing system similar to the Segway (electric balance car), which can keep walking upright when carrying goods. The Transwheel express robot vehicle has an automatic balancing system, and the machine can keep upright when carrying hand-held goods. A single robot can transport small packages, while a combination of several robots can transport large packages. Transwheel's robotic arm can load and unload packages. In the envisioned design, it also has facial recognition to confirm the identity of the recipient upon delivery. Transwheel relies on GPS for navigation and sends notifications to inform owners that the shipment is coming. Designer Sika said that this kind of courier robot can even replace container trucks and relieve traffic congestion. In addition, the robot will appear at the door of the home in time when the owner is convenient, eliminating the trouble of not receiving orders. “Transwheel re-imagines parcel distribution, with robots completing the service autonomously 24/7, working together to ensure timely and efficient delivery. Each vehicle is equipped with an automatic balancing system, electronic clock and GPS communication capability. A single package can be completed by a single courier robot, for Large packages, the robots can be combined to fit their size,' Sika said. Transwheel is Sika's graduation project, and he says these robots can work with Amazon's delivery drones. Currently Transwheel is still in the conceptual design stage, and Sika hopes to find an industrial partner to develop a working prototype. According to Sika, the car can be driven at night and on the shoulder of the road so that it does not block the way of other vehicles. The robot has LED lights, can be seen by other vehicles at night, and knows how to get back to safety when the battery is low.
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