Detailed introduces the six major advantage characteristics of punching machine manipulator

by:Gewinn     2020-04-12
The main characteristics of 1. High security: system with double inspection, lack of materials, such as zero discharge alarm warning function, ensure the safe operation of the machine unattended can; 2. High efficiency: depending on the workpiece and the hydraulic press, improve the production efficiency of 25% ~ 60%; 3. High precision: sheet metal into the mould precision error & plusmn; 0. The yield of 3 mm, ensure the product; 4. A high degree of automation: expect that stretch from the plate of a rolled off the production line fully automated complete; 5. Artificial cost is low: a six operators at the same time management device; 6. Zero accidents: there is no workers task of possible. To learn more punch manipulator information, welcome to http://www. gmrcsk。 com
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