Development of numerical control woodworking lathe more concentrated and points

by:Gewinn     2020-04-18
Numerical control woodworking lathe in a few short years, rapid growth, from the beginning of semi-automatic to fully automatic, more and more convenient to use and numerical control woodworking lathe is becoming more and more centralized and points! Let's understand CNC woodworking lathe. Numerical control woodworking lathe is introduced: mainly used for processing wood materials, preparation of good numerical they want through the numerical control system through the servo drive system to control the motion of the moving parts, it is mainly used for shaft and plate the multistep process of axially symmetrical parts, suitable for medium and small batch complex shape parts production of many varieties, many specifications. According to the numerical control lathe turning center is based on general CNC lathe developed a kind of compound machine. Besides the general of biaxial linkage CNC lathe turning, turning center here on the turret head can make tool rotating power cutter holder, the spindle is in accordance with the requirements of contour forming continuous ( Nonuniform rotation) Movement and continuous accurate degree C axis function, and can and X axis and Z axis linkage, control shaft in addition to the X, Z, C axis, but also has the Y axis. End face and the circumference of a circle can be performed on any parts, such as drilling, milling and tapping screw thread processing, under the condition of interpolation function, also can realize all kinds of surface milling. Now the development of the society is rapid, people is higher and higher requirement for numerical control woodworking lathe, promote the development of, composite process of numerical control lathe process will be more and centralized, centralized all the process! Our numerical control woodworking machinery company will develop better numerical control lathe!
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