Development of sawdust pulverizer in solid wood processing equipment

by:Gewinn     2020-03-10
Many people tend to go through the network when they choose the sawdust crusher in the solid wood processing equipment, but there are thousands of manufacturers of sawdust machines, large and small, on the network, it often leads to a comparison of thousands of people and finally they don't know which one to choose. So how can we argue with manufacturers? First of all, look at the company's strength, the company's strength includes: production history, after-sales service, product quality, of course, the earlier the factory is built, the richer the production experience, the quality of the product will not be bad, the larger the number of customers, the better their after-sales service will be. The other is to let manufacturers provide some successful cases. If even the successful cases cannot be provided, the manufacturers will definitely not be reliable. Moreover, to see the quality of the product, the quality of the product should be considered from several aspects. The appearance of the wood chip machine is mostly the same, see if this manufacturer starts from the production of basic spare parts to the final debugging, is it one-stop or is it a manufacturer that only assembles spare parts by external processing. Of course, the latter is definitely not very reliable, and the after-sales service will not be very good if it is only assembled. There is also a kind of full distribution mode of businessmen, who pick up equipment from cheap small manufacturers and then sell it to you at a high price. This form is everywhere on the Internet, if you buy back the chipper machine from such a person, you will be unlucky. Therefore, buying a sawdust crusher is not only to consider the price, but also to distinguish the manufacturer. If the manufacturer chooses the right one, the sawdust machine you bought will not be worse, the key depends on whether you are a cheap owner. Now it is so realistic that you get what you pay. Understanding the internal structure of the sawdust crusher can better operate the sawdust machine. What is the internal structure of the sawdust crusher? In fact structure is very simple. It is mainly composed of upper body, inner lining plate, crushing tool, lower body, rotor, fan, discharge pipe, underframe and other parts. A good chipper machine is added with an inner lining plate on the inner wall, thus improving the wear resistance of the machine. Do you know how the chipper machine works? First of all, the materials should be evenly and appropriately fed into the crushing room through the feed inlet, and after entering the crushing room, the rotating cutter and the tooth plate of the inner lining plate should be passed, the added materials are quickly crushed into different shapes under the combined action of the strong strike of the cutter, the high-speed collision, friction and so on. Under the action of centrifugal force in the crushing chamber and negative pressure in the lower chamber of the pulverizer, the fine materials fall to the bottom of the screen through the screen and are forcibly sucked away by the fan and sent to the unloader by the fan. The whole operation process of the high-efficiency and environment-friendly sawdust machine is dust-free and pollution-free, thus achieving the ideal crushing effect.
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