Development of wood processing machinery industry in 2015

by:Gewinn     2020-06-23
At first we saw in the New Year in 2015 China's manufacturing form is quite serious, so under the condition of China's manufacturing industries have closed down, for the wood processing machinery industry will have what effect? In woodworking machinery industry after more than half a century of wind and rain, has experienced since the childhood, from weak to strong development process. In woodworking machinery industry in China has a comparative advantage, is also a fierce competition, the crisis. Development up to now, has been developed from the original can only produce saws cutting products, traditional development to the present can provide four categories, 52 series modern woodworking machinery and equipment. The woodworking equipment mainly include all kinds of sanding machine, machine, wire sawing machine, drilling machine, edge banding machine, wood saw, gear cutting machine, shearing machine, coating machine, grinding machine, overlock machine, etc. Series of products after molding. With growing woodworking machinery industry, successfully completed the transformation of many varieties, seriation, enterprise scale is constantly expanding, and formed their own characteristics in the course of development. At present, to be engaged in woodworking machinery, woodworking machinery industry chain products production, marketing, research and other service unit 255, including 185 manufacturing enterprises, trade marketing 30 enterprises, supporting and scientific research, service company more than 40. Industry cluster from personnel of course of about 18400 people, including: engineering, finance, trade and other professionals about 1800 people, 9 of practitioners. 5%. All kinds of existing equipment equipment more than 3000 sets, fixed assets of 900 million yuan. All kinds of woodworking machinery 100000 sets of annual production, output ( GDP) 2. 8 billion yuan. Products include woodworking machine, man-made board machinery, woodworking tools, wood processing equipment, four categories, 52 series, nearly 1200 kinds of products. City, as it were, the birth of the woodworking machinery industry cluster, the start, development, rise, spectacular symphony in China woodworking machinery industry is the most magnificent poem, not only affects the development of Chinese woodworking machinery industry actively, as well as the development of wood industry in China, for our country furniture and wood products into the international market has played a strong role in advance and ensure. Breast cancer of liver cancer cold nasal congestion
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