Development situation of woodworking machinery in our country is analysed

by:Gewinn     2020-09-24
Analyses the development actuality of Chinese woodworking machinery

woodworking machinery is to point to in the wood processing, wood processing and processing of semi-finished products become wood of machine tools. Furniture machinery is an important part of woodworking machinery.

about woodworking machinery in our country development present situation, how much you know?

Chinese woodworking machinery has been established from the research, development, production and sales of a complete system, provide material, adhesive for wood processing industry bedplate, chipboard, medium density fiberboard, architectural decoration, furniture of complete sets of processing equipment more than 1100 kinds of woodworking machinery products, the 69 categories. At present, the annual production of woodworking machinery has already reached 10 billion yuan, every year there are part of the woodworking machinery equipment sold to the United States, Russia and some countries in Africa.

as in recent years, furniture, wood floor production enterprise product upgrades, user when choosing woodworking machinery and equipment, its foothold tend to focus on the domestic product. This is because the current domestic woodworking machinery overall technical level is close to the foreign advanced level, our country woodworking machinery production enterprise with the advanced international standards in strict accordance with the national standards and industry standards organization of production, to ensure that the domestic advanced woodworking machinery. Woodworking machinery manufacturing enterprises in our country has made unremitting efforts in create high-end products and fruitful.

keep thinking innovation, exploring the development of technology many carpentry robots tireless pursuit. Believe in the near future, the level of woodworking machinery in China will be able to stand in the forefront of the world level of woodworking machinery.
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