Development Trend of wood processing equipment

by:Gewinn     2020-03-06
Development Trend of wood processing equipment with the continuous development trend of scientific and technological progress, new technology applications, new materials, new technologies and new processes emerge in endlessly. With the pace of China's accession to WTO, the difference between the level of woodworking equipment and weapons and equipment in China and overseas will become smaller and smaller, and overseas excellent technical and mechanical equipment will continue to pour in. For Chinese woodworking equipment, challenges and Opportunities coexist. The development trend of electronic information technology, large digital control system, laser cutting technology, microwave technology and its pressure jet technology, it has brought new charm to the automation technology, flexible production, intelligent system and flexible production of furniture machinery, which has continuously improved the types of numerical control lathes and the technological level. The development trend of countries in the world includes the following contents :(1) The intervention of high-tech in woodworking equipment and the promotion of automation technology and intelligent system, no matter the application of numerical control processing technology in woodworking equipment or the popularization of electronic information technology, all mean that innovative technology has been promoted to every technical industry. Electronic information technology, nano-materials, outer space technology, biotechnology, etc. have been or will be widely used in the woodworking equipment industry. (2)A large number of imitation precision machining methods. From the development process of woodworking equipment in the world, the log processing method has the development trend of assimilation with the precision processing method, such as the emergence of CNC machine tools, is an example. Whether people can be bold or not, the future timber will be reconstructed and shaped like the same steel ingot. A large number of imitation precision machining methods. (3) Promoting economic benefits by scale of operation from the perspective of China's development trend layout, log processing companies or woodworking equipment weapons and equipment all have the development trend of import substitution and industrialization, otherwise they will be eliminated. At present, there is still a large sales market for outdated and simple woodworking equipment in our country, and many log processing companies still need to implement a labor-intensive operation mode. The future log processing company will definitely follow the development trend of industrial development, import substitution and industrialization. (4)Improve the comprehensive utilization rate of wood. Because the natural resources in China and even in the world are gradually decreasing, the shortage of high-quality raw materials has become the key reason to pin down the development of wood industry. It is the key daily task of timber industrial production to improve the utilization rate of timber with a larger bottom limit. The development trend of various artificial board products, improving their quality and application category is the most reasonable way to use wood resources with high efficiency. On the other hand, the development trend is to use the whole tree, reduce the damage of production and processing, and improve the precision of production and processing. All these can improve the utilization rate of wood on the necessary bottom limit. (5) People-oriented, maintaining low carbon and environmental protection in our country's government departments to implement the two major service systems of returning farmland to forests, natural forest maintenance projects, catalpa bungei and several major construction projects are all the wisest choices to protect the ecological environment; From July 1, 2001, all-round application for compulsory implementation of artificial board product implementation standards will not meet the environmental protection regulations prohibiting production, manufacturing and marketing. The development trend of log processing and manufacturing industry must comply with two standards. The first is to protect the ecological environment, to demand ecological resources at the minimum, and to reduce environmental pollution to the natural environment at a relatively large limit; The second is that the log processing crafts must be within the minimum range of no harm to the body or harm. Therefore, in the future, active woodworking equipment and wood products must be designed according to ergonomics and conform to environmental protection regulations. (6)Improve productivity and automation technology. There are two ways to improve productivity: first, to reduce production and processing time, only to reduce auxiliary time. To reduce the production and processing time, in addition to increasing the drilling rate and cutting speed, the key countermeasure is to centralize the technological process. Due to the numerical control blades, vibration and noise levels, the cutting amount and cutting speed are not infinitely improved, because the multi-tool passing type collaborative CNC lathe and the multi-process centralized CNC Machine Tool have become the key development prospects. For example, a double-ended lathe that cooperates with sawing, milling, drilling, tenoning, stainless steel polishing, etc; Full-automatic edge banding machine with various manufacturing processes; Centralized a variety of drilling production process of CNC machine tools. The key to reduce the auxiliary working time is to reduce the non-production processing time, choose the numerical control machine tool with numerical control knife, or choose the method of fully automatic exchange of operating tables between the production line of numerical control machine tool and the rigid production and processing module, reduce the auxiliary working hours to a minimum.
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