Different grinding machines and polishing machines

by:Gewinn     2020-06-18
Appearance treatment according to the different processing technology can be divided into the grinding, grinding and polishing, its corresponding products can be divided into grinding machine, grinding machine, polishing machine, and rust removal. Surface treatment refers to the completion of the processed final smooth surface, the Angle of eliminating burr and polishing work. There are two main characteristics of grinding, grinding objects is a removal on the surface of a small amount of metal materials, the second is to fine grinding of processed surfaces, make the surface more smooth. Woodworking polisher woodworking polisher alien grinding machine grinding machine grinding machine: alien abrasive grinding machine used grinding wheel or file, the application of grinding machine is to trim polished surface of the object to make it smooth and ready for painting. Working parameters, grinding machine with medium and low power, high speed. Polishing machine, polishing machine, abrasive abrasive belt, based on the task of it is to the final polishing surface treatment, and make it smooth, bright, perfect quality. Operation parameters, polishing pause with middle/low power, medium speed. Grinding machine and polishing machine can be used in industrial and maintenance class sedan industry, sheet metal workshop and furniture factory to complete the appearance the lubrication of the light. As the change of sedan data attacks, such as varnish coating, composite materials and plastic, * end users need to match the different operation of grinding machine and polishing machine. Sean tools have * * * the complete series grinding machine, polishing machine, soft brush device, from the traditional tools to remove heavy material can achieve good control and light on the surface of the tool. Pneumatic grinding machines and polishing machines are classified as together & other; Finishing tools & throughout; 。 Pneumatic grinding machine used in the form of coated abrasive disc, belt or sandpaper, support flexible pad or Velcro. With pneumatic polishing machine is a kind of polishing mat low-speed polishing machine, used for polishing paint, metal or plastic to obtain high gloss finish. Grinding machine industry application examples: 1. The fuselage maintenance after use polishing machine; 2, hutch ark: ambry edge trimming; 3, ship building, on the outside of the rebuilt/before painting the trim; ( 4) Wood and metal furniture: polishing and finishing, such as the kitchen sink in the production of finishing and finishing; 5, automotive body: the last preparations before painting.
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