Different machines, should use what kind of saw blade?

by:Gewinn     2020-05-01
Computer cutting saw, because of the large saw long rate with carbide saw blade diameter and thickness is bigger, in 350 - diameter About 450 mm, thickness in 4. 0 - 4. 8 mm, between the majority of employing horizontal ladder, to reduce the collapse edge, kerf. Saw the real wood alloy saw blade usually use Dou tooth, tooth shape around because it combined anterior horn, can sharply cut wood fibre, smooth incision. To keep the bottom of the channel smooth slot, with flat teeth tooth or combination use around flat teeth. Hardness is not enough is easy to deformation, in the process of use will not hold. Hardness large under the stress and thermal deformation is more easily broken is the fact that in general the higher the material hardness, lower its bending strength and impact toughness. But more alloy saw blade for woodworking, also haven't the strength to make steel fracture. In the process of use, adjust the rotary blade, it should not only pass the stability of the cutting force and keep working. Excellent blade has not only static geometry size and precision, more important is its dynamic characteristics. When saw blades for cutting, alloy blade cutting generated by heat conduction to matrix, the matrix of the temperature, the high quality base on this kind of circumstance also can keep the precision of position, and poor quality of the saw blade matrix buckling occurs, affect the cutting precision.
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