dig this: bella the 4000-tonne boring machine has arrived in melbourne

by:Gewinn     2020-06-13
Meet Bella.
Soon she will be 15 years old.
6 m high weight 4000 tons
But first put her together.
Bella was built in China, but she was too big to ship in one piece, so she was disassembled into 40 containers, ranging from 50 tons to 300 tons, so she can be shipped to Melbourne.
By the middle of this year, she will be arranged to work on her design-opening a path for the Earth\'s Westgate Tunnel under Melbourne.
For David Haq, the construction director of the tunnel, it has been 14 months since the machine was built and shipped to Melbourne.
Bella is the first of two machines to dig the West Gate Tunnel to Melbourne.
On Sunday morning, part of Bella\'s cargo was unloading at the Port of Melbourne, where more than 100 trucks would take the cargo to the starting point of the Footscray tunnel where it was assembled.
Mr. Hake said that the biggest piece is the main drive of the machine, a 290-
The ton structure, which is nearly 9 m in diameter, accommodates the motor that turns the tool.
This will be the last piece to come down from the ship and will be shipped to the tunnel site on Tuesday.
Mr. Hake said it would take about 12 weeks to assemble Bella from there.
This is the first time.
According to the Ximen tunnel project team, Victoria will use the scale tunnel rig.
Acting Prime Minister James Merrino said \"it will be something worth seeing\" when Bella is put together \".
Construction of the West Gate Tunnel is expected to begin this year, he said. “[
Ximen tunnel
\"Ultimately, there will be an alternative for the West Gate Bridge, creating 6000 jobs and removing thousands of trucks from the West Gate Highway,\" Mr Merlino said . \".
Free steel, he said, received a $150 contract that provided the tunnel with more than 0. 124 billion tons of steel and created 92,000 jobs.
Bella\'s name comes from Bella geline, who was the first woman to graduate from an Australian university in 1883.
The second tunnel digging machine was named after Vida Goldstein, a women\'s rights activist, and Mr. Merrino said it would arrive in Melbourne in about eight weeks.
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