Discuss the numerical control woodworking lathe brazing maintenance

by:Gewinn     2020-04-23
Numerical control woodworking lathe after put into use, more or less will appear some problems, we want to repair and maintenance in time, so as to ensure the efficiency and quality of wood products processing. Speaking of numerical control woodworking lathe maintenance, small make up today want to share with you the CNC woodworking lathe brazing maintenance. Brazing in order to reduce the welding repair of welding temperature, people with low melting point solder heat welding - People often call it the brazing. Repair welding and brazing the biggest difference is formed when soldering on the workpiece is not molten pool, in the process of brazing melting just solder ( The low melting point of solder) Has not really melt, matrix, the use of solder melt infiltration function of adhesion after substrate layer formed in the brazing parts repairing. If solder and flux choose appropriate, micro diffusion between the solder and substrate will help to improve the brazing layer and substrate bonding strength between. Therefore, we should know that compared with the fusion welding, brazing when workpiece heat affected small, little deformation, the mechanical performance will not be affected by too much. At present, many people use brazing - — Brush plating composite repair technology repair pit, the specific method is the brazing solder - first Bismuth alloy solder ( Solder melting point of 135 ~ 140 ℃) , after scraping the inquiry again brush plating a layer of wear-resistant coating, so as to realize the repair of the pit. Brazing welding layer are the biggest disadvantages of soft, low intensity, when the solder and flux choose not at that time, the brazing layer and substrate combination not firm. In order to improve the brazing layer and substrate binding force, the casting defects, easy to form in the metal surface oxidation film materials ( Stainless steel, aluminum and its alloys) Before, should be in brazing copper brush plating, brazing solder - again next Bismuth alloys. The effect of copper plating can brazing sex is to improve the base material.
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