DMG introduces the latest design SPRINT 20 linear slitting machine

by:Gewinn     2022-05-18
DMG's Sprint 20-8 linear slitting machine adopts the latest design, which can effectively improve production efficiency, reduce cost per piece and help customers quickly recover their investment through the highest processing quality. The machine is especially suitable for the automotive, hydraulic, pneumatic components, electronics and medical industries. Sprint 20-8 linear can be equipped with a core pack (swiss type slitting machine conversion pack), which makes the machine tool more flexible and applicable, thereby saving raw material costs. The machine is suitable for the machining of parts with medium to very complex geometries, allowing the machining of short parts with bar diameters up to 25mm. Equipped with a core guide, it can also be used to process slender workpieces with a maximum diameter of 25mm. It only takes about 30 minutes or less to replace the chuck with the core pack. The Sprint 20-8 linear slitting machine has a large viewing window, which provides a good view of the working area. The control panel is equipped with a 19-inch display, which provides more convenience for machine operation and programming. According to DMG, the machine also has various useful options such as: angle power head, high-speed drilling and milling spindle and DMG-patented direct-drive whirling head. These options increase the machining capacity of the machine, and can complete the machining of more complex parts according to customer requirements. Direct drive whirling is the latest technology developed by DMG. If the thread is machined on the Sprint 20-8 linear with a direct-drive whirling head, the surface roughness can reach Ra 0.12.
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