dna sample confirms two-year-old fell into borehole in spain

by:Gewinn     2019-08-30
Spanish rescuers are scrambling to find two people. year-
The three-day-old boy who was missing said that they had found a DNA sample of the boy, confirming his parents\' claim that he had fallen into a narrow hole of more than 100 (328 feet)deep.
It is reported that the parents of the toddler Juren Rosello lost another young son in 2017, and they said that there is no doubt that the boy fell into the hole after leaving his parents, on Sunday, he is preparing a country lunch near the town of Totalan in the northeast of Malaga.
Adults cannot enter water holes with a diameter of less than 25 cm (ten inches).
The emergency team said that the boy\'s hair sample was taken from the soil inside the shaft, and he believed that the toddler might be trapped inside, but deeper than machinery and monitoring equipment can reach so far.
The government\'s representative in Malaga province, Maria Gamez, said the boy\'s hair sample provided \"scientific evidence of the presence of minors\" for rescuers \".
She also said the workers were still leveling the area near the drilling so that heavy drilling machinery dug a side tunnel to reach the shaft.
Emergency workers can\'t get through 73-
The meter mark of the shaft, blocked by hardened soil and rock accumulation.
They want to be able to reach the deepest part of the shaft from the side tunnel within \"24 to 48 hours.
Jose Rosello, Juren\'s father, said he and his wife were \"heartbroken\" by the long wait \".
\"It feels like we \'ve been waiting for months,\" he said in an interview with a scrum Reporter on Wednesday.
\"We will not give up. . .
We hope that there will be an angel who will show up and let my son come out alive.
According to Spanish media, the couple, who lived in a coastal suburb near Malaga, lost another son in 2017.
Juren\'s brother Oliver had a heart attack while walking on a local beach when he was three years old.
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