Do you know what is the most beloved equipment of the wood processing plant?

by:Gewinn     2020-03-12
We all know that wood is a kind of natural resource that people cannot do without, which plays a more important role in our life and also brings a comfort and beautiful effect close to nature, the lightness of wood is also very practical. Processing wood into various commodities, handicrafts and daily necessities that people need, before the production of these wood products, there are complete logs for decomposition, as well as the demand for materials such as board, square wood and battens in the decoration market is also expected to be quite large. While using and processing wood in various industries, the amount of relatively generated wood waste is also a huge number. These wastes are useless and it is a pity to abandon them. How to make effective use of these wood wastes? 1. Wood pulverizer the wood pulverizer drives the rotor shaft through a high-speed motor, and the rotor rotating at high speed throws the flick knife up with centrifugal force, thus contacting with the wood, the wood is crushed into sawdust wood powder by cutting, collision, grinding and other mechanical forces carried out by the blades inside the equipment. The utilization value of these sawdust wood powder in various industries is quite high, can be directly processed and produced as raw materials. The reuse of energy has been realized. 2. The use of processed materials the crushed wood powder particles of sawdust are the ideal medium material for the cultivation of edible fungi, which can be cultivated and planted in a large area in the form of sawdust, wood processing equipment has expanded the scale of mushroom production industry, can provide a large number of edible fungi planting efforts, solve the supply problem of the market, and will also greatly increase the income. These waste wood materials are recycled and crushed into sawdust, which is also the main raw material for the production of wood-based panels. Wood pulverizers have played a huge role in integrating resource utilization. Today's society is a resource-based and green society. With people's awareness of environmental protection getting stronger and stronger, Wood crusher, an environmental protection equipment, is also getting better and better, which has become an unstoppable trend. Xiao Bian also sincerely hopes that the environment in our country is getting better and better, and this kind of environmental protection equipment that can realize the secondary utilization of resources can be more and more.
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