does the queen get birthday presents?

by:Gewinn     2019-09-11
Today is Queen Elizabeth\'s birthday.
She actually celebrated twice.
Well, she\'s the Queen after all)
On the second weekend of June, she had a real birthday and a formal birthday.
On her real birthday, the Queen celebrated privately with her family-though there would be a salute at noon in London-and yes, she was given a gift.
Because she does have crown jewels, it\'s hard for her to get them, but apparently prefers smaller, more practical gifts.
Her Majesty, who is 92 years old today, received gifts such as aprons and casserole dishes and enjoyed them.
At the age of 90, Prince Harry gave her a performance by Nina Conti, a verbal actress she clearly enjoyed.
It\'s not a secret that the Queen likes dogs, so one of her most memorable gifts will be her first corgi Susan, which her 18-year-old parents gave her.
One of the more strange gifts she received was a tooth on the boring machine used in the construction of the Elizabeth line, which was named after her.
At Christmas, Queen Elizabeth likes some fancy gifts, such as transparent cushions and other interesting things.
However, since people can give gifts to the Queen at any time, from cakes to expensive jewelry, she gets everything.
However, according to the official rules, members of the royal family do not actually have any gifts they receive, they are owned by the whole country and managed by the Royal Collection.
Every year, the royal family presents a variety of gifts-from salt bags to precious gems.
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