Doing furniture is to use a joint machine, you know

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
Tenon machine tables and chairs as a common furniture production equipment, used in solid wood furniture, the production of new Chinese style furniture and other wood products. How to choose the suitable mortise and tenon machine to improve efficiency is many manufacturers need to solve the problem. So that the profit is used to improve efficiency, pick a joint machine equipment, must have to double jig circulation system production and processing. The advantages of this kind of way of production and processing, that is, when a fixture in the production and processing in addition, another jig to feed, cutting position, circulatory system, profit flow more reasonable arrangement of time and improve laborer living plant efficiency. Tenon machine how to use, the key is machinery and equipment of the human brain - - - - - - - Automatic control system. Currently on the market some manufacturers in order to reduce cost, use the PLC control, later will repair rate is relatively high, does not propose to reduce the cost to choose PLC control. Generally speaking, the woodworking machinery manufacturers according to the actual need to adjust or change the better system. The use of such a system will get better, but the cost would be relatively higher. Made furniture tenon machine to improve efficiency, must have a good tool. We all know that the basic tool generally several hundred yuan, application after a period of time will be damaged more interested. Commonly used alloy milling cutter will become more stronger, both from the rate of production and processing, and quality, production and processing of milling cutters product is superior to the conventional milling cutter. If a joint machine equipment to improve the machining efficiency, we must make the operation more simple and convenient. As is known to all, the traditional five butterfly saws changing processing specifications require different saw blades, it is difficult to operate. For numerical control tenon machine, parameter adjustment control side of the screen, you just need to let workers to fill in the corresponding value, this greatly simplifies the operation, save a lot of time. Above is doing furniture is to use a joint machine, with you know, mechanical professional tenons factory house.
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