Domestic nc woodworking machinery industry presents the state of flowers

by:Gewinn     2020-03-24
Abroad over the past few years, because the market factors, woodworking machinery industry in the doldrums, to design a new development, the development of the modernization of wood processing technology also near standstill, and in the international industry slump at the same time, the numerical control woodworking machinery industry in our country should be how to development, on the international woodworking machinery exhibition, the international woodworking machinery modernization and the popularity of numerical control technology is the theme of the exhibition in recent years, numerical control technology for the development of all kinds of woodworking machinery, step by step to make all kinds of wood products processing of numerical control woodworking machinery to high precision, high quality, high integration, automation direction is reflect the success of the exhibition. Combined with national conditions, China's woodworking machinery of the new product development is presented in the following aspects: the development of mass production of wood products production line of multi-purpose numerical control woodworking machinery, for decades, simply ornamental engraving and milling, drilling, engraving machine on behalf of the era of woodworking machinery is in the past, the era of mass production of wood products CNC woodworking machinery development is coming, with the expanding of Chinese wooden furniture industry, the mass production to reduce costs, increase profits and labor productivity, reduce the consumption of resources has is very outstanding. Furniture wood door industry for numerical control production equipment, reduce the number of skilled workers and improve labor productivity, the requirement of mass production of wood products production line complete set of numerical control woodworking machinery is also increasingly outstanding. Numerical control development direction of numerical control woodworking machinery, woodworking machinery products abroad varieties have CNC, 90% of the developed nc knife library to achieve maximum rank of ornamental engraving and milling machine 36, automatic roll over 16 knife knife plate can be arranged. CNC ornamental engraving and milling machine is usually double work table or workbench, more will work processing time and auxiliary time coincidence, improve labor productivity. Lower the timber consumption has become a prominent feature in the development, natural resources shortage in the whole world, the slogan of low carbon environmental protection is becoming more and more attention, the development of domestic wood utilization technology has entered the era of market economy, the profit has reached the average profit of the market economy, competition situation, leading to the use efficiency of lumber become the important factor of business survival, woodworking machinery industry should be developed for the enterprise to reduce the rate of consumables products. Domestic nc woodworking machinery industry enterprises have also product research and development and production according to these characteristics, such as Shanghai ShuPing seiko development PZ, DK, DZ series numerical control woodworking machinery, according to the demand of door companies targeted development, not only raised the labor productivity through automation, with intelligent, reduce the number of workers demand also greatly improved the efficiency of wood utilization, in the tide of competition in the market for wooden door enterprises win the chance of survival and development. To sum up, the popularity of numerical control woodworking machinery is indisputable fact that the domestic woodworking machinery enterprise to gain more share in the market, see who can also according to the characteristics of the Chinese market to develop domestic furniture wood flooring and other wood products industry enterprises demand and difficulties, to develop better and more advanced and practical equipment, who can help to get more customers, who can naturally in more a step ahead of the competition in the market, at the same time also prompted competitors follow, make the domestic numerical control woodworking machinery industry presents the state of flowers.
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