Dongguan second-hand woodworking machinery malfunction analysis and maintenance

by:Gewinn     2020-09-28
Dongguan second-hand woodworking machinery fault analysis and repair note

dongguan second-hand woodworking machinery work in high temperature environment often fail, which affects the utilization of the machine. Use the manufacturer in the case of not understanding why is often mistakenly assume that mechanical damage, in fact as long as to master the use of scientific methods, emphasis on electrical maintenance and repair, these nonmaterial electrical fault can be ruled out completely.

dongguan after the second-hand woodworking machinery used to clean up dust, dust collection effect is good and the effect of cooling machine, various mechanical corresponding gas charging butter, engine oil, gear oil, electronic cutting saw the rational use of machinery, don't exceed the scope of load, the use of form a complete set of tools, don't damage the components and get professional maintenance personnel, in order to avoid damage the mechanical precision, short wood machine and mechanical processing equipment maintenance of about the same, different for each wood machine maintenance way.

dongguan second-hand woodworking machinery continuous running time under 10 hours a day, ensure the normal work of the cooling water clean and the water pump, must not water shortage phenomenon in a water-cooled spindle motor, regular replacement of cooling water, in order to prevent the water temperature is too high. Second, second-hand woodworking machinery after each machine use, should pay attention to clean up, be sure to clean up the dust on the platform and the transmission system, on a regular basis ( A week) The drive system ( X。 Y. Three axis Z) Lubricating oil. If not for a long time, second-hand woodworking machinery machinery to be on a regular basis ( A week) Come on empty go, to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system. Finally, the second-hand woodworking machinery on a regular basis ( In accordance with the usage) Cleaning appliances in the dust, check whether the terminal screw is loose, ensuring safe and reliable circuit is used. Second-hand woodworking machinery on a regular basis ( In accordance with the usage) Check the machine parts screw loose.

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