Dongguan woodworking machinery how to realize the energy saving

by:Gewinn     2020-09-24
Dongguan woodworking machinery how to realize the energy saving

dongguan woodworking machinery is to point to in the wood processing, wood processing and processing of semi-finished products become wood of machine tools. Woodworking machinery at startup, the motor current will be higher than the rated 5 - Six times, not only affect the service life of motor and consume more power, here is the energy-saving reform, how to save energy.

system when the design on the motor selection with a certain margin, the speed of the motor is fixed, but in the actual use process, sometimes at a lower or higher speed, so the frequency conversion reform is necessary. Frequency converter motor soft start can be realized, by changing the input voltage frequency to achieve the purpose of energy saving control of motor speed, and can provide equipment over current, over voltage, overload protection function.

at present about 600 domestic woodworking machinery manufacturing enterprises, and the number is growing. Than domestic woodworking machinery industry and abroad, however, the gap is obvious. First is the varieties of domestic products is not complete, most of the plane, still in the production of flat, circular saw machine, such as low grade of traditional products, board type furniture production equipment rarely.
the second is the low level of quality, performance, form a complete set of equipment, mechanical and electrical hydraulic system etc are all larger gap with foreign advanced level, foreign commonly used numerical control technology in domestic rarely used in woodworking machinery industry, the appearance of the domestic product quality is not satisfactory.
now only a few has the strength of domestic enterprises in the development of high-end products, in the face of 5 billion yuan of woodworking machinery products market, the enterprise must abandon the traditional backward product, the development of numerical control, automation, high-grade the product, it has become the trend of The Times.
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