Dongguan woodworking machinery occupies an important position in the furniture production

by:Gewinn     2020-09-24
Dongguan woodworking machinery occupies an important position in the furniture production

China is with power, the ancient house, furniture is to use wood, even in modern times, compared with metal and glass, people still prefer to all kinds of wooden furniture, such as bed, table, cabinet, sofa, chair and so on.

along with the progress of The Times, in the production of furniture, we also have already no longer is the need to manually cut wood, s, now in the furniture manufacturing industry, will use woodworking machinery to one of the most basic of rough wood embryo shape cutting and processing.

all kinds of furniture is wood in our life. Now all the furniture is the mechanization of production, it is difficult to see pure handmade. In furniture production woodworking machinery is one of the important mechanical the semi-finished products made into finished products. With the development of science and technology, now of the woodworking machinery also entered the era of automation. All kinds of intelligent in woodworking machinery. The development of high-tech has more and more widely used in the field of woodworking machinery. In what is now possible, follow the metal processing is the direction of the woodworking machinery development. As metal processing. As long as the computer input code will automatically work out all kinds of woodworking products.

dongguan woodworking machinery for the production of all kinds of furniture has a very important role, because both the bed and cabinet, on the production structure is used to cut into appropriate size of the board or a timber assembly, these large pieces of wood processing for human is hard to do, but in the use of woodworking machinery has become simple and easy, not only fast, and very precise, its accuracy can reach zero a few millimeters, very practical.
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