Doosan Group won the '30-Year Korean Enterprise Outstanding Contribution Award'

by:Gewinn     2022-05-17
The 'Development and Cooperation - 2008 China-Korea Forum' co-hosted by China Business News and Korea's 'Daily Economic News' was held in Shanghai International Financial Center. The forum launched the '30-year Korean Enterprise Outstanding Contribution Award' to In recognition of Korean companies that have made positive contributions to China-Korea economic cooperation, a total of 5 Korean companies including Doosan, SK, Samsung, Korean Air, and Lotte Department Store won this honor. Among them, Doosan Group won the 'Localization Development Award'. 'Development and Cooperation - China-Korea Forum 2008' has received full attention from the Shanghai and Seoul municipal governments. , 'China-Korea Economic Cooperation Development Model' and other topics were discussed in depth, and enterprises and business people of the two countries hope to seek greater development in cooperation.
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