Double CNC woodworking lathe 10 o 'clock

by:Gewinn     2020-04-17
With the development of numerical control woodworking lathe and progress, wood lathe appeared four knives, two-axis double, double spindle blades, etc. They are all CNC woodworking lathe transformation and upgrade, then we will see double CNC woodworking lathe 10 points related to common sense. 1 wood, double car, two knives tandem, two knives on the axial distance there is a difference of 1 cm, at the same time in accordance with the scheduled proportion of wood, we are always on the cutting depth according to the specified proportion, divided into two cylindrical curve of the operation of the knife is so greatly reduce the cutting force of each knife. Greatly reduces the knife (after The cutter) The cutting quantity, so forming knife is stable. To avoid the vibration knife knife scar. ( Because mark is the most difficult grinding) And, since the two knives in the column of cutting force measurement for two columns, like beating of pillar greatly reduced, increased car wood finish. This kind of situation can accelerate the speed finish. 2, professional import software, mapping using photo photo scanning, quick construction; Manual programming is segmented manually programming is not standard, and we are programming software automatically generated. Accurate to one percent mm accuracy and fast speed. Computer can generate more intuitive cylindrical, cut can modify the size measurement. 3, intelligent protection working mesa, prevent collision phenomenon; 4, intelligent automatic spindle speed, prevent the car after the wood and by cylindrical bending left broken cylinder from dangerous machines. Reduce replace belt groove slow down trouble, directly to the speed of the grinding. Processing projects can add and subtract by main body rotation condition rotating speed and feeding speed without affecting the processing. Especially in processing large column, stigma slow fust quickly; 5, pause/power off memory function, after the power suspension, power from suspended starting machining and not repeat, because would be repeated processing as the center of the fixed not processed the deflection caused by the cylinder, the deflection condition before repeating car wood will cause bad cutting of the cylinder; 9, after buying equipment technical personnel at the location of the goods to three days to reach equipment, and can be returned until the church after you use the operating company. Equipment warranty period is one year, the warranty period internal cause normal use lead to equipment can't use all the equipment accessories is free replacement ( Except for the cutting tool) 。 10, processing length is 1500 mm, maximum turning diameter of 280 mm, total power: 6 kw, spindle speed: 0 3500 r/min, cutter: high speed steel, alloy is more than double the numerical control woodworking lathe 10 points of common sense. If you want to learn more knowledge of numerical control woodworking lathe, please continue to browse our website.
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