Double compared with biaxial lathe of numerical control woodworking lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-20
With the continuous development of modern technology, numerical control woodworking lathe technology is also in constant increase, from manual to mechanical in the automation, due to the continuous development of the technology mature, great changes have taken place in woodworking industry. Today we double for numerical control woodworking lathe lathe and biaxial lathe do the comparison. First said the biaxial lathe, the distance between the two axis of biaxial lathe makes center set of size can only do side side 6 cm long, side to side is greater than 6 cm, there is no center sets available. So the processing speed is slow, the effect is not very good. Biaxial extensions of tool holder and heightening the spindle box on stability is reduced. Because the tool post, spindle box fulcrum in the following, the further away from the fulcrum turning to be the bad stability. When feeding centering and biaxial can only use a stent side, use hand to maintain state, so is not the same as the hands on the strength of will make the pillar at the center of the positioning, center location not will directly influence the processing effect. Due to the complexity of the biaxial loading is not allowed, positioning factors, such as real speed and effect. Again double lathe, relative to the two-axis double lathe lathe, center set can do the size of the side party within 10 centimeters, so allow for faster processing of these columns, low jitter, good finish. Double adopt double layered when processing large pillar of wood turning, two knives on the axial distance there is a difference of 1 cm, we are always on the cutting depth according to the specified proportion into, so greatly reduce the cutting force of each knife. To avoid the vibration knife knife scar. Because two knives in the pillar of the cutting force measurement for two columns, like beating of pillar greatly reduced, increased car wood finish. When loading the centering of the center of the double stents using timber weight placed on a more natural state of decision center,. Due to the complexity of the biaxial loading is not allowed, positioning factors, such as real speed and effect, after the experience is really as double fast ( Especially more than side 6 cm square columns from the center of their machining speed biaxial is slower than the us at least half though it is) 。 So at the time of purchase, to understand the principle and processing characteristics of different lathe, choose suitable for woodworking double lathe or biaxial lathe processing requirements.
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