Double sand frame thick sanding machine technical parameters ( 2206).

by:Gewinn     2020-06-23
Double sand frame thicknessing 2206 is mainly used for sanding machine technical parameters: solid wood furniture thicknessing polishing, sanding first sand power: the steel roller diameter of 145 the second sand is 11 kw power: 7. 5 kw power conveyor belt: 1. 5 kw lifting power: 0. 37 kw brush dust: 0. 37 kw standard configuration: motor selection gaoqi vander-waalsforces choose aa belt conveyor, equipment used, to conveyor belt will automatically run, without having to adjust the selection of bearing NSK bearings original-binding Japanese electric parts of Taiwan and dirk, Siemens, chint machining width processing thickness is 85 mm to 600 mm the thinnest 1. 5 mm processing precision of 0. 05 mm sanding pad using cast iron manufacturing, high temperature resistance, small deformation controlled by microcomputer and has higher precision of rise and fall the dual pressure of material system, conveyer, press boot device is more stable, the machine is equipped with dust removal device the machine electric control is equipped with overload, low air pressure, lack of equal protection, any kind of failure, device will automatically stop, and emergency braking, make the best security. To conveyor belt will automatically run, without the artificial regulation. Workbench elevator control mode: microcomputer automatic control. Conveyor belt speed regulation way and scope: stepless speed regulation, the rate of 3 - 30m/min。 Vacuuming mouth diameter: Φ 100 three, working pressure:> 0. 55 mpa, the dust collection device average wind speed: 15 m/s or higher
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