drugs found in worker killed on job

by:Gewinn     2019-08-10
A subway construction worker has died in global city this year, with heroin and marijuana in his system, according to an autopsy report, the report sparked new calls for random drug tests for workers in troubled subway projects.
A toxicology report obtained on Friday said that in the \"last hour\" before the death of eleza Montis on July 25, it was possible to take an unknown amount of heroin. Montes, a 33-year-
The old carpenter, when the wooden platform he walked collapsed, fell over 30 feet at the subway station site.
He is one of the three subway workers killed this year, the first of 10 subway workers to die.
History of $6. 1-Billion projects
Although the federal government requires random drug and alcohol testing for public transport workers with safety and security responsibility ---
Including the operation of a bus or train-
There is no such requirement for workers hired by private contractors to build subways.
Contractors test their workers before, after, and whether supervisors suspect abuse of them.
In a statement released on Friday, the Metropolitan Transport Authority called on the contractor\'s mentorSaliba/Perini--
Whose project does Montes work on-
Seeking ways to strengthen anti-corruption
Drug items including considering random tests.
No one on Friday said to what extent the drugs caused the accident.
A spokesman for the coroner said the drugs \"may have damaged his function \".
\"The drug report found heroin by-products 6-
A ethyl morphine in the blood of Montes
\"These results are consistent with heroin use,\" the report said . \".
The test also found marijuana in the worker\'s urine.
Stephenie Sermeno, lab staff at the coroner\'s office, said: \"Basically what happened was that heroin hit the system and was metabolized . \".
\"So you can\'t actually detect the heroin itself in the blood.
All you can detect is its metabolites, \"a by-product of heroin.
Ernest Vargas, a lawyer representing the parents of Montes, said that their family did not know that their son was taking drugs.
He said the coroner\'s report appeared to have nothing to do with the worker\'s death.
\"It seems to be basically related to the material used on the scaffold,\" he said . \".
Ron Tutor, the company\'s executive, said the coroner\'s report was \"self-evident \".
The safety director of the tutor said that the company would implement random tests if the labor agreement allowed.
\"We don\'t have room for drugs in this industry,\" the tutor said . \".
The coroner\'s findings came after Cal/OSHA discovered the scaffolding problem.
Cal/OSHA fined station contractor for serious work
Safety violations related to Montes death, including the use of defective woodworking equipment on scaffolding where Montes works.
While Montes is wearing a seat belt, the Cal/OSHA inspector says he is unable to connect the seat belt to any safety line. Tutor-
Saliba/Perini appealed a fine of $25,250.
Ron Tutor declined to respond to Cal/OSHA charges.
Criminal investigations are still under way by state agencies.
The MTA issued a statement saying, \"the MTA maintains a strict policy to ensure that the drugand alcohol-
Free workplace for your employees.
Our contractors are responsible for the safety of their own workers.
However, the MTA does insist that the contractor maintains a tough drugand alcohol-
Free work plan
\"The recently released MTA security audit recommendation considers random testing\" because the building environment is inherently dangerous.
\"The audit was ordered after a worker was crushed in the Hollywood tunnel in February 1, and it says the current policy is not enough to identify people who take drugs and drink alcohol.
No statistics on the number of posts
The result was a positive accident test.
However, the audit said, \"anecdotal evidence suggests that drug use and alcohol abuse have played a role in a large number of events in the program.
\"In fact, a locomotive driver was involved in an accident while working for another contractor because drug tests showed that he had recently smoked marijuana.
The audit said the union opposed random testing.
\"We are interested in protecting the rights of those who do not take drugs,\" said Richard Lawson, executive director of the Los Angeles and Orange County Board of Trade in architecture and architecture.
\"At the same time, we are absolutely in favor of any policy to remove anyone from any work site who will use alcohol or drugs.
\"When the MTA marked the completion of the second subway tunnel through the Santa Monica Mountains, news came from the coroner\'s discovery.
The tunnel digging machine cleared a way for the subway between the San Fernando Valley and Hollywood, breaking through the last dirt and rock wall at about 4 in the morning. m. Friday.
Another tunnel was completed in October. 22.
Concrete tunnel liner and track must be installed before Hollywoodto-
The North Hollywood market opened to passengers in 2000.
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