factory worker killed by rogue robot, says widowed husband in lawsuit

by:Gewinn     2020-06-04
A terrible car accident in Michigan.
The part manufacturer reveals the additional nightmare possibilities for the factory to add automation.
Image: Matthew BuschSource: When Wanda Holbrook went to work on July 7, 2015, she expected it to be just a regular Tuesday.
Instead, freelance maintenance technicians were killed by a rogue robot that entered the area where she was working and killed her by squeezing her head.
This is a shocking event at the center of this week\'s lawsuit by Holbrooke\'s widowed husband, Bill MS, as the world moves towards a complex automated workplace, a situation that could have a wider impact.
Many people have lost their jobs, but few have lost their lives.
At the time of the accident, Holbrook MS, 57, was working for a car company.
Ventra Ionia Main, a parts manufacturer in Michigan.
Her job is to maintain the robot.
The factories in which the accident occurred include welding, chrome plating, molding, assembly and chromium testing
Plated plastic, bumper and tow bar for trucks.
She checks the machinery in the area of a drawing Bar component (
Known as trailer failure in the United States)
According to a complaint filed with the Michigan court this month, when the robot \"surprised Wanda and entered the department where she worked\", the robot was assembled.
She works in one place and when a robot arm swings to where she works, the robot welds the bumper and steel plate of the truck on it.
\"After entering the area, the robot struck and crushed Wanda\'s head between a connecting component.
Holbrook MS did not respond when the staff found a problem entering the area.
When the medical staff arrived, she was pronounced dead at the scene due to severe head trauma.
\"Robots in Section 130 should not enter Section 140,\" the complaint said . \".
Wanda Holbrook was killed by a robot while working.
Source: facebook has been working with human employees in industrial workplaces for a long time --
But there is no problem, and tragedy happens occasionally.
Three weeks before the accident that killed Holbrook MS, an article in The New York Times raised concerns about security because of these web companies
Workers evolved from dumb robots to autonomous robots.
\"It\'s a fear of robots,\" said Bryant Walker Smith, a researcher at Stanford Law School\'s Internet and social center, which studies driverless cars.
\"It\'s a bit scary for a machine to fail and take control from someone.
After only 21 days, these words were sadly justified.
American from 1984 2014-
Leading the industrial robot revolution.
According to official government statistics, machines are responsible for the deaths and injuries of at least 33 people.
In the case of a car factory in 2006, a woman was killed while the robot grabbed the back of her neck and fixed her head between herself and the part she was welding.
A robot arm works on a turret lathe at the Japanese company Mazak.
Picture: Jens MeyerSource: APLater, a male employee of a metal factory was crushed between the robot arm and the robot workstation.
In a highly open case in Germany two years ago,year-
An old worker was killed by a robot in a mass factory.
When the robot hits his chest, the young man is installing it and pressing him on the plate.
In almost all of these cases, this interaction is initiated by humans.
The situation at Wanda Holbrook has shocked some people by the fact that the robot entered a space that she did not want to enter before she was unknowingly killed.
Concerns about workplace robots focus on developing highly capable robots that can become rogue or weapon-free without our control, instead of today\'s generation of robotic workers using industries such as automakers to perform repetitive tasks.
But as robots become more and more untethered, so-
The so-called intelligence is needed to ensure human security.
On-site, hydraulic-
Articulated four
Leg robot developed by the Boston Institute of Advanced Research and Planning for power and defense (DARPA).
Source: The lawsuit filed by Getty Images Bill Holbrook listed five different companies as defendants in the wrong death case.
Nachi robotics systems, Lincoln Electric, and the United States of America, which made these robots, were listed as defendants.
The complaint is also known as Prodomax Automation and Flex-Canada-N-
It claims to be responsible for the installation and repair of the Gate LLC of the machine.
\"One or more of the accused\'s security systems or equipment failed, resulting in Wanda\'s death,\" the complaint said . \".
According to Holbrook, his wife could have worked as a maintenance technician in countless different companies.
\"I had her look at other options several times, but she would come back and say to me, \'I really feel like this is where God wants me to go,\' he said to the Detroit Free Press.
\"I want to make sure this doesn\'t happen to other families.
If we do nothing and then another family has to go through something like that, we feel terrible.
It is reported that Ms. Holbrooke\'s estate is seeking damages for the unspecified amount for the wrong death and product liability claim.
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