Famous machine tool companies join the second phase of the machine tool communication standard challenge

by:Gewinn     2022-04-23
Recently, the National Defense Manufacturing and Machining Center (NCDMM) and the American Association of Manufacturing Technology (AMT) announced that they have received four machine tool manufacturers to support the second phase of the MTConnect challenge project, namely Japan's DMG Mori Seiki, ITAMCO (Indiana technology and manufacturing companies) ), Mazak, Okuma, Japan. MTConnect, a new standard for machine tool communication, is an open-source, free machine tool communication standard initiated by the American Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT) and jointly formulated by world-leading manufacturing companies such as General Electric. It aims to improve the manufacturing equipment and equipment from different manufacturers and software vendors Interoperability between machine tools and software applications can solve the problem of 'islands' between machine tools produced by different companies that cannot communicate with each other. MTConnect has many advantages, such as low cost, data standardization, higher productivity, greater manufacturing freedom, more control and better real-time management, etc., and will ultimately achieve the goal of liberalization of manufacturing communications. The 'MTConnect Challenge' project is a two-phase project supported by the U.S. Department of Defense Manufacturing Technology Program. manufacturing capabilities to better support DoD supply chain management objectives. The first stage mainly seeks to realize the creativity of manufacturing innovation, manufacturing intelligence and so on. Currently, the technical bidding for the second phase of the MTConnect Challenge project is underway, with the goal of developing functional manufacturing software using the MTConnect standard. The deadline for bidding is January 31, 2014, and it will officially start from April 8 to 10, after which the final winner will be announced. By.
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