FANUC robot adds the finishing touch to composite coating

by:Gewinn     2022-06-03
China's composite material market is increasingly becoming the most important regional market in the world, especially in the global economic crisis, which highlights the irreplaceable key position of the Chinese market in the global composite material industry. The 18th China International Composites Industry Technology Exhibition was held on September 5-7, 2012 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center, so it is particularly eye-catching. In this exhibition, the appearance of the coating robot brought the high-tech interpretation of the automatic coating of composite materials to the audience. Shanghai Fanuc Robot Co., Ltd. brought the spraying robot P-250iA to show the robot's glass fiber and gel coat spraying application system to the audience, demonstrating Fanuc's ability to provide customers with excellent solutions for automatic composite material spraying. The Accu Chop closed-loop fluid control system displayed by the FANUC spraying robot can achieve precise and strict control of the flow rate, as well as changes in the viscosity of the paint caused by changes in ambient temperature. It reduces the rework rate of products, reduces production costs for customers, and improves production efficiency. It is particularly worth mentioning that Yang Junte, Minister of Shanghai Fanuc Robotic Painting Industry Department, held a special speech on 'Introduction to Robotic Glass Fiber Spraying and Gel Spraying' for the audience. The experienced Minister Yang introduced the solution of FANUC spraying robot in composite material application in detail, and the 40-minute user questions and answers made the atmosphere of the scene more lively. Finally, the technical speech ended with applause from the audience. 'China International Composites Exhibition' is appropriately called the 'wind vane of the composite material industry' in the industry. At this exhibition, various raw materials, process equipment and new product designs used in composite materials at home and abroad are brought together. The content is extremely rich. Shanghai The two application systems of glass spraying and painting exhibited by FANUC Robots added the finishing touch to the exhibition. Automatic identification system to control the flow. In addition, we have also contributed to energy saving and environmental protection. On the one hand, we have reduced the cost of raw materials for customers, saving paint, and the robot occupies a small area of u200bu200bthe spray booth; on the other hand, it has reduced the energy consumption. consumption, making process control more precise, and saving human resources.”
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