female tunnel engineers break new ground, literally

by:Gewinn     2019-08-24
At the beginning of January, after seven months of tunneling, the world\'s first variable density tunnel boring machine (VDTBM)
Broke through the website wall of Pasar Rakyat MRT station near Jalan Tun Razak.
Lim Yan and Nurfarrah Ain Shamsuddin, tunnel engineer at Gamuda Bhd, due to their unusual work and 500-
A strong team has paid off.
The vdboring machine used for this work is specifically designed to deal with the infamous limestone karst formations in Kuala Lumpur, the most challenging condition in underground buildings.
\"Based on past experience, we work with Herrenknecht AG, Germany, the world\'s largest tunnel drilling manufacturerdesign and co-
Develop solutions specifically designed to work in karst formations, \"Lim said.
As tunnel engineers, Lim and Nurfarrah start their day at about 6.
30 am, from the moment they left the office the night before, look at the progress of the work site.
\"The Headquarters always has questions about various developments and if we check what has been done, those questions will be easier to answer,\" Nurfarrah said . \", Added that they also received information from other teams dealing with various units involved in Sungai BulohKajang (SBK)
Bus rapid transit project Line In Basheng Valley.
The specific work they are working on is awarded to MMC Gamuda KVMRT (T)
Sdn Bhd in March 2012 covers the design, construction and completion of underground works between SBK line\'s semantan Portal and Maluri Portal.
Wearing safety vests, helmets and safety boots, they began their day-to-day work, inspected the site and stored the materials from there to the control room of the tunnel management board.
Lim recalled her first visit to the site in 2012.
She said everything looked strange, but she got used to it very quickly.
\"Tunnel Engineering is an unusual job.
The soil we are dealing with is not exactly the same at every point, which is why the work is both interesting and challenging.
I\'m in love with work-
While the problem will come anytime, anywhere, I am still looking forward to what will happen next, \"Lim said.
Lim has always been very interested in everything about the sport and the mechanics behind it, and he received a degree in mechanical engineering under Gamuda\'s scholarship program.
Nurfarrah joined Gamuda through a government initiative called Suruhan Latihan 1 Malaysia (SL1M)
She said there is no difference between her and her male colleagues.
\"We were treated fairly by our superiors and colleagues.
Some may say that the job is too hard for the ladies, but I don\'t think so. \"Civil engineering graduates said.
Underground works, including the construction of tunnels, stations and related structures along Highway 9. 5km route.
When the new material arrives, they have to make sure it is placed in the right place and the team that needs them can easily reach it.
\"Engineers work not only on site.
\"As the project involves a lot of more normal work, we also attend meetings with other departments to ensure that everything is OK,\" she said . \".
Between them.
They said they saw the future underground.
\"With all the development work going on, there is limited land for the construction of public transport or other infrastructure.
You have to build below when you can, \"Lim said.
Nurfarrah said that countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and the United Kingdom have established underground transportation and shopping areas to enable them to build more development projects on it.
Many times, they have to be in the tunnel now about 8 km long, several times a day.
But they didn\'t complain because, as they said, \"it\'s satisfying to know that we did a good job at the end of the day \".
\"Every day we walk 35 metres.
Keep in touch with our team, \"Lim said.
Before the end of the day, they will check the website to learn about the activities and progress of the day.
\"I also reply to emails in the office and I think it\'s the best place to sort out ideas because the office will be quieter,\" Nurfarrah said . \".
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