finally repaired, seattle\'s mega-tunnel drill halted by sinkhole

by:Gewinn     2019-09-14
Seattle, January 14Reuters)-
A few days later, the huge tunnel in Seattle finally got back to life.
State officials closed the digging machine Bertha on Thursday as a small sinkhole marked the latest obstacle for a long timedelayed $3.
1 billion Binshui highway project.
Contractor Seattle Tunnel Partners were told to suspend the project after the sinkhole near the giant tunnel opened this week
Washington Governor Jay Inslee said at a news conference.
Shutdown is the world\'s largest tunnel-the latest issue with Bertha
Boring machine in diameter, which has become a symbol of the failure of critics of the highway replacement project, who have long thought it was wrong
Planning and expensive.
\"I am seriously disappointed that we still have another problem,\" Inslee said . \".
Until last month, Bertha remained idle after overheating in December 2013.
Costing $80 million, weighing 7,000 tons, measuring the length of the football field, it only drilled 10% of the planned tunnel when it failed.
A state transportation official said that after a lot of repairs, Bertha had intended to carry out Tunnel construction at a few hundred feet this month for further inspection, then drill under the Alaska Road viaduct.
According to the latest estimate before the suspension, the tunnel was supposed to be completed last month, but will not open until April 2018.
Seattle Tunnel Partners did not immediately comment on Thursday\'s shutdown.
Critics of the project compared it with Boston\'s Big Dig. S.
Highway Engineering.
This is nearly a decade longer than planned and notorious for cost overruns, design flaws, worker deaths and other issues.
In Washington state, lawmakers have called for the project to be canceled, workers injured, and historic buildings in the city center damaged after double pollution.
The Decker highway and the earth around it sank.
Seattle Tunnel Partners, Bertha manufacturer Hitachi Zosen, their insurance company and Washington state have a legal dispute over who is ultimately in charge of repairing Bertha.
Seattle Tunnel Partners filed a $0. 143 billion claim for maintenance costs with the insurance company, whose insurance company is in court.
In October, the state\'s Transportation Department sued the contractor, saying that the cost of the delay to the state was estimated at about $78 million.
The contractor was unable to recover the monthly drilling until the reason they found --foot-wide (6 metres), 15-foot-deep (4. 5 metres)
We will ensure the safety of the workers, Inslee said. (
Report Eric M.
Johnson of Seattle
Edited by Daniel Wallis and Peter Cooney)
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