first phase of second ave subway construction complete (photos, video)

by:Gewinn     2019-09-04
The Wall Street Journal Andrew Grossman\'s start of the Second Avenue subway is over.
The Metropolitan Transport Authority said it will complete the first phase of the tunnel construction of the subway on Thursday, which is a major, if gradual breakthrough for a project under construction. A giant tunnel-
Boring machine called Adi
For the young granddaughter of the MTA officer who oversees the project --
It is scheduled to cross the rock wall below 63 Street in the existing tunnel on Thursday morning.
For more than 16 months, the machine dug 29 blocks of double tunnels at an average speed of 50 feet kilometers per day.
The construction staff left the Second Avenue and the Q train began to run under it to the 96 th Street, which would take at least five years.
Work on blasting caves for these three stations has just begun, and these three stations are part of $4.
Project 45 billion.
The MTA must then complete the tunnel with concrete, lay the track and build the rest of the infrastructure of the line.
The MTA expects the train to start running by the end of 2016, but federal officials overseeing the project said construction could last longer.
The second largest subway has a false history of departure.
It was put forward in the 1920 s and later became a dream that the transportation system could not achieve.
Construction began in the 1970 s but stopped due to a shortage of funds.
The current attempt seems more likely to yield results.
While the MTA is not ready to complete all the funding for the first phase of the project, it does reach an agreement with the federal government, which may make it more expensive to stop work than to finish it.
After this stage, the future of this line is not very certain.
Part of the plan will extend Q to 125 Street and add a T line to Lower Manhattan, but these projects will still take decades and billions of dollars.
Read more at WSJ.
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