first sirius minerals tunnel boring machine arrives

by:Gewinn     2019-08-09
The first of the three tunnel rigs will create a 23-mile (37km)
The long tunnel for the extraction of fertilizer has arrived.
Sirius Minerals plans to transport up to 10 million tons of halite to Redcar every year from Whitby.
The main part of 1,800-
Seven days after departure from Germany, a ton of boring machines arrived at Teesside.
Redcar and Cleveland\'s kids will choose its name when the machine starts boring later this year.
Polyhalite is a naturally occurring fertilizer that takes the underground conveyor belt of the mine near Whitby to the processing plant near the former Redcar steel plant.
This tunnel is engaged by the contractor 35-
The Alps in the baseline tunnel in Goda, Switzerland.
A spokesman said the company has recruited 400 workers
They are from the dormitory in the Teesside area.
Another 900 people are building the mine, which is expected to employ 2,500 when it is fully opened in 2024.
The other two machines are scheduled to be launched in 2020 from hubby and Lockwood Baker (near Gainsboro) to complete the last 15 miles of 20ft (6m)wide tunnel.
Each machine runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, laying concrete sections in the tunnel.
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