first wet milling machine for custom dental prosthetics

by:Gewinn     2020-06-13
Roland DG announced the development of a new DWX-4W.
Recently, the introduction of CAD/CAM software, CNC milling machines and new restoration materials has revolutionized the production of dental restoration including Crown, Crown and Bridge.
One of the most popular repair materials is disilicon lithium, glass ceramic, which has been supported by dental clinics and patients due to its excellent hardness and aesthetic quality.
DWX developed by Roland-
4 W milling machines, especially to meet the needs of this growing market.
Roland DG\'s multi-equipment solution combines dry and wet grinding, with the advantage that it is able to handle different materials simultaneously through dry and wet grinding without causing inconvenience and delay in conversion.
Each machine is focused on its intended functionality and offers the best functionality compared to the dual features
More efficient functional machines.
Having a separate machine can add an additional unit to meet the production needs.
For example, if the work ratio of zirconium and glass is involved-
Ceramic is 3:1, the best setting can be a combination of single units of flagship DWX-50 5-
Shaft dry milling machine and DWX-4W, or three 4-axis DWX-
4 dry milling machines and DWX-4W.
After that, changing the settings according to any shift in the workload is a simple thing.
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