For enterprise to bring the efficient numerical control woodworking machinery, increase the productivity of the industry

by:Gewinn     2020-03-25
In the future, people demand for household product diversification, individuation furniture should be said that this is the trend of the development. Because the production of customized furniture and diversified yuan, & other; 4 furniture industry. 0' Will produce huge amounts of data, with the most advanced German configuration custom furniture factory as an example, the online monitoring node on the production line more than 100, collected data of more than 5 million a day. Therefore, the core competitiveness of 2025 is made in China that could satisfy the requirement of this kind of customized furniture production design and manufacture of mechanical equipment, more important is to be able to make this kind of machine has the function of self-improvement system, namely intelligent, 2025 software made in China must achieve intelligent level. 4. O era of Chinese woodworking machinery industry advantage think German machinery association, China machinery manufacturing industry a serious threat to the German, German woodworking machinery association has put China as the biggest competitor. China woodworking machinery's biggest advantage is to have the world's largest woodworking machinery market demand. At the same time, the total number of Chinese woodworking machinery of scientific and technological personnel and research and development personnel in the world the first and second respectively, woodworking machinery industry in China has the world's most complete supply chain. China is the world's only with the United Nations industrial classification of all industrial countries, has formed a complete and independent complete industrial system. Small to basic parts such as screws, big to the spindle, lathe bed, inverter and other components, has formed the industrial chain of form a complete set in China, the woodworking machinery can use local materials, ready, production of quality products at the lowest prices. The vitality of science and technology innovation will continue to woodworking machinery, tightly grasp the pulse of The Times, for enterprise to bring the efficient numerical control woodworking machinery, increase the productivity of the industry.
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