For woodworking CNC lathe tool rest and the knife with which configuration

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
Every parts of woodworking CNC lathe is very important, if the lack of a certain parts would affect the use of the whole. To be able to fully use it needs to understand its every part, we separate to know about the rest today, actually knives and I rest belongs to the important parts. According to different functions, the head is installed on the number of cutting tool is commonly 8, 10, 12 and 16, some nc lathe can be installed more knives. So today we will learn about the specific. Structure form is commonly rotary tool rest, cutter along the circumferential direction is installed on the tool carrier, can be installed axial and radial cutting tool, cutting tool, drill bit, mirror knife. Turning center can also be installed axial milling cutter, radial milling cutter. A handful of CNC lathe tool post to give expulsion-typely, tool installed along a straight line. Woodworking CNC lathe can be equipped with two head: 1, special tool post: development by lathe manufacturers themselves, use the handle is also special. The advantage of this tool carrier is the manufacturing cost is low, but the lack of generality. 2, general tool rest: according to certain common standards and production tool post, numerical control lathe manufacturers can undertake choosing according to the functional requirement of the CNC lathe configuration. In woodworking CNC lathe turning on or turning center parts, should according to the lathe tool rest structure and can be installed the number of knives, reasonably and scientifically arrange the location of the cutting tool on the tool carrier, and pay attention to avoid tool in stationary and work, the cutting tool and machine tool, cutting tool and workpiece and tool interference between each other.
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