For you to share CNC woodworking lathe processing order

by:Gewinn     2020-04-18
Good numerical control woodworking lathe processing procedure can improve the work efficiency. Also can improve the precision of products at the same time, as the latest fully automatic equipment, it can be 3 - efficient than ordinary lathe Three times, at the time of programming to an analysis of the points in the process! On numerical control woodworking lathe machining parts, process is more focused, a clamping should complete the process, as far as possible to ensure accuracy, improve production efficiency. The nc machining process concentrated conditions, rough and finish machining is often done in a clamping, to ensure the processing precision of parts, when the thermal deformation and cutting force influence on deformation of parts machining accuracy, should be separately from the rough and finish machining. During the nc machining for reducing changeover times, saves the time of the knife, need the same knife machining of parts should be all finished, in another knife to other machining parts. Should try to reduce spare travel at the same time, the machining of parts with the same knife, should be in the shortest route to the machining parts. In actual production, often according to the classification process of cutting tool or processed surface nc machining. Is the numerical control woodworking lathe machining process to share, I hope can help to you, more questions, please pay attention to our website: http://www. gmhwjx。 com
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