Ford develops human-robot cobot to be tested at German factory

by:Gewinn     2022-04-30
As an old car brand, Ford has been working hard on the road of emerging technology. Ford has spent two years developing and building human-robot cobots that it plans to put on the assembly line. Now that the robot has been put into testing at the Fiesta plant in Cologne, Germany, Ford has designed a variety of experiments to test the robot's automation, operational capabilities and data science manufacturing capabilities. It is reported that the cooperative robot will install the shock absorber together with the workers of the Ford plant to ensure the accuracy and speed of the shock absorber placement and reduce the burden on the workers. The cobot is 3 feet tall and has sensor detectors in its arms and fingers that can be stopped at the push of a button. Now more than 1,000 front-line workers have given feedback and expressed their satisfaction. So far, cobots have been put into use at two workstations, and will be put into more workstations in the future. It is reported that such robots have been used in drug manufacturing and the electronics industry.
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