Four axis linkage engraving machine

by:Gewinn     2020-04-18
Said solid wood staircase processing, most people would think of woodworking CNC lathe. Little imagine four axis linkage engraving machine also plays a very important role in the industry of the stairs. Four axis linkage woodworking engraving machine, four axis is: XYZ triaxial shaft coupled with the axis of rotation. Can rotate 360 ° sculpture. One-time can multiple (at the same time It is eight commonly) Materials, improve production efficiency. Its machining scope is very broad, rotary surface can be carved. Such as three-dimensional figure of Buddha statue; Stair armrest dragon post; Furniture legs, furniture legs, tigers of the woodworking CNC lathe car, such as the speed is very fast, ordinary a stair columns can complete it takes only a minute or so. But to be carved dragon post, efficiency is very low. This time can put CheHaoDe cylinder, four axis linkage three-dimensional carving machine to carving dragon post, can processing eight at a time, greatly increased the production efficiency. Another common triaxial ( XYZ triaxial) Multi-function car pull one of the wood lathe part can't satisfy the processing requirements, also can use four axis linkage three-dimensional carving machine, such as stair columns on the plane of the sculpture, can be carved on the four axis. In addition, the stair abnormity of stereo accessories such as dragon post, wood lathe can't processing, can only use four axis linkage.
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