Four claws self-centering chuck wood lathe dedicated features simple introduction

by:Gewinn     2020-04-30
First, introduce the lathe, it is mainly used for machining shaft, plate, sets and other artifacts, on the surface of the rotary have is the most widely used in machinery manufacturing and repair factory of machine tools. Milling and drilling machine and other rotary processing machinery from lathe drew. And wood lathe, as the name implies, it must be used to do woodworking lathe bai, and today we are focused on four claws self-centering chuck it. Self-centering chuck wood lathe dedicated four claw, convenient installation cylinder, also need not chuck card dead, no need to find center, by centering all around this and precise, the whole loading process just need 3 seconds, the accuracy is better than the automatic feeding. Bold wooden vase car adopts automatic back and adjustable cylinder, knife error can be allowed within the two millimeters, convenient for wood cutting tool setting of bold vase column double car running, improved the car wood finish and durability of the cutting tool. We are at the center of the bracket using timber weight placed on a more natural state of decision center, and use a stent side, use hand to maintain state, so is not the same as the hands on the strength of will make the pillar at the center of the positioning, center location not will directly influence the processing effect. Four jaw self-centering chuck is the positioning of the function, can not only save manpower, and can improve the precision, importance cans be imagined.
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