From April to September, Japanese machine tool orders fell by 5.4%, and growth in China slowed down significantly

by:Gewinn     2022-06-05
According to the statistics of the Japan Machine Tool Industry Association, the order value of machine tools in April-September 2012 was 630.225 billion yen, a year-on-year decrease of 5.4%. The global economic slowdown and the appreciation of the yen have led to sluggish external demand and sluggish domestic demand, which have led to a continuous decline in Japanese machine tool sales. The association estimates that the situation in the fourth quarter is still severe, and there may be a recovery starting in 2013. According to statistics, foreign demand, which accounts for 70% of the order value, decreased by 3.3% to 435.594 billion yen. Among them, the growth in the United States increased by 7%, and the growth in Europe fell by 31.8%. The growth in China slowed down sharply, from 28.6% in the same period last year to 2.7%. The 10% decrease in domestic orders in Japan is the main reason for the decrease in demand in the automobile industry, and the transfer of some manufacturing industries using machine tools to overseas has a certain impact. Motohiko Yokoyama, president of the association, believes that the demand for infrastructure construction such as railways in China is about to emerge; vice president Jiro Makino believes that although the domestic situation is not optimistic, the equipment investment situation in North America is improving, and Europe should have bottomed out, looking forward to the order situation early next year get better.
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