From the punch manipulator mechanical world

by:Gewinn     2020-04-05
Punching machine manipulator function: in order to adapt to the production requirements of flexibility, all press control function should be integrated, so as to realize the menu of a full set of mold management, mainly including the slider stroke adjustment, in the pressure of the balancer, air cushion stroke adjustment and automatic control system and so on each link of the parameter Settings. Scene with communication network, field device connected, interactive operation, scattered function module, open function of field bus technology is the development direction of press control technology, to realize automation has an obvious role in promoting. Press control system integration can be through a single interface to operate all the press and die in all kinds of control functions, including fault diagnosis, mould configuration menu, programmable limit switches and mould monitoring and adjustment, etc. , and make the equipment maintenance more convenient, and obviously increase the effective work of press time. More punch manipulator of the relevant information you can visit our company website WWW. gmrcsk。 com
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