Fujikoshi Japan launches a 6-axis robot with a 40% reduction in installation width

by:Gewinn     2022-05-13
Japan's Fujikoshi launched the 6-axis vertical multi-joint robot 'PrestoMC20'. It adopts the same base as the 7-axis robot 'PrestoMR20' released in November 2007 (refer to this site report). Its installation width is 280mm, which is 40% smaller than the previous model, and the action radius is 1722mm, which is 10% longer. The price is 4.3 million yen. Using the same base as the 7-axis robot and reducing the installation width of the 'MC20' and 'MC20This allows the workpiece to be transported to further locations. The weight of the transportable object is 20kg, and the repeatability of positioning is ±0.06mm. 'MC20' adopts a dustproof and waterproof structure equivalent to IP65 protection level. In addition, two sets of air piping are provided, so air purging can be performed at the same time as operation. The air pressure can reach up to 0.49MPa.
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