Fully automatic machine how to select the right bearing

by:Gewinn     2020-04-28
Now in the market there are many different kinds of automatic machinery, design also is varied, to meet the needs of many clothes, we know that the bearing is the most important of all brake mechanical parts, let's learn the automatic mechanical bearings is mainly to see those parts. The design of automatic mechanical spindle rigidity of sliding bearing and rolling bearing is used, but in most cases used is to use rolling bearing, because of the rolling bearing with small size, high speed, long life, simple assembly, sealing and lubrication is more simple, and can be directly from the sample selection, etc. But, because of the sliding bearing good vibration resistance, radial size is small, so often used in rigid shaft design. In the design, because of the automatic mechanical design belongs to a relatively small vibration of machine tools, so choose rolling bearing for support. Below let small make up to introduce everyone to fully automatic machine how to choose the suitable bearing: the selection of bearing types: drilling design, using many different kinds of rolling bearing, according to the size of the spindle by the load, the different direction and speed. Often used in rolling bearing has the following kinds: single-row radial ball bearings, single row tapered roller bearings, single row angular contact ball bearing, double row centripetal short single row cylindrical roller bearings, single row thrust ball bearing centripetal short cylindrical roller bearing, etc. The centripetal bearing mainly bear radial load, also can bear little axial load; Thrust bearing can only carry axial load; Angular contact bearings can withstand axial load, and can bear radial load. Drilling holes in this design, the main shaft is bear axial load, have bear radial load, so choose single row tapered roller shaft.
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