Fully automatic machine leakage prevention measures

by:Gewinn     2020-04-27
Fully automatic machine leakage phenomenon is very dangerous, may lead to personal safe hidden trouble and product quality problems. In order to prevent the automatic machine leakage damage to me. Below small make up is fully automatic machine leakage maintenance methods and share with you. Can appear sometimes automatic mechanical induction, because automatic machinery total power installed peace silk and leakage breaker. And chassis grounding line device is normal and reasonable. In principle, already discharge error lead to the possibility of leakage accident, because appear leakage power machine will automatically stop working, and normal use chassis grounding line, so people are completely don't have the time to contact current. While the induction and the leakage phenomenon, not contact with the line, so the breaker will not judge for leakage phenomenon. In order to prevent leakage phenomenon in a fully automatic machine, wood saw, precision machinery and so on should be inspected regularly electrical wiring problem, for the stale replace insufficient line sectional area of cable, effectively guarantee the demand of the mechanical electrical appliances. For power consumption season, more attention should be paid to the voltage shortage is to prevent and take effective measures, in exchange for a reduced voltage caused by mechanical electrical work. When regional voltage stability conditions, if the unit of voltage instability in should consider to replace cables, if regional voltage instability is considered for expansion and replacement cable. In order to prevent leakage automatic machinery, premise is to must choose, of course, the quality pass, trustworthy brand of automatic machinery. Fully automatic machine is one of the main products of the company, the company product quality assurance, service quality assurance. You can rest assured to choose and buy.
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