Fully automatic machine on the neck plate damage processing

by:Gewinn     2020-04-28
As a fully automatic machine operator we all know, automatic machinery on the neck plate is easy to bad, in the event of this what to do, let me introduce you to processing method: neck down too fast or if the downward pressure is too big, can make the guiding rule plate impact some knock against, isn't that right, then my advice to you is: after the neck of the intake valve and exhaust valve to adjust, so that it can make the downward speed and power are all decreased. Before and keep the location of the downlink signals travel switch misplaced sheet can happen to a predetermined position and not travel switch or directly give chipped off the switch, as a result, there is no signal to cutting and plate. My advice to you is: to adjust the position of the stroke switch is, there is severe damage directly for replacement. Another is let's neck by fully automatic machine feet guide wheel missing causing cracking plate. My advice to you is directly replace the guide wheel. Finally a case is automatic mechanical neck by foot contact with burr. My advice to you is good with fine gauze to grind on the above points is I'll give you arrange full automatic mechanical neck upon how to fix the situation, if you're using automatic mechanical met other cannot solve the problems in the process of also can inquire us.
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