Furniture production equipment about CNC cutting machine efficiency improvement five principles

by:Gewinn     2020-04-27
For the same CNC cutting machine, different managers use different management style will have different income effects if machinery and equipment is the hardware conditions, the production and management activities is the software conditions, and the core content of production and management activities is the design of the production process and arrange if the production activities as a battle at a time, then process design is a battle plan, a company produces the product is not every day, but many varieties, the varieties of each product is made up of many parts, every day in the numerical control cutting machine products can have dozens or even hundreds of pieces of parts, the experience of the management alone is not enough, how to develop a scientific and reasonable and efficient product process is the key to the problem in the process design of the good itself is not only better. Today furniture production equipment, CNC cutting machine is to tell you about 5 dozen principles of efficiency, learn together. To develop a feasible process flow of high efficiency must grasp the following several basic principles: 1, the principle of synchronization is the parts of the product to product, small direction of the single packing of the products as the unit, control all the parts as far as possible at the same time or in within the time as small as possible to the packing process, to avoid such a phenomenon when packing the center content is actually process sheets of ing project of parts of the product should be clear and accurate maneuverability strong comprehensive factors into fully in place. 2, the principle of downstream to avoid product parts in CNC cutting machine process flow back, reversal phenomenon will obstruction to other parts of the normal process, as the road traffic, make the whole process of workshop in disorder, is not conducive to the manager's control, the core content is the process of working procedure the order in which the difficulty is how to solve the various parts of the production process of crossover operation with the contradiction of synchronous. 3, the principle of sufficiency is each work procedure itself to avoid waste, such as: cutting process was equipment can be a cutting three boards at the same time, it designs two boards such as drilling process again on a piece of plate hole position should have finished two can, and you will be designed into three or four times a week after, the process of waste is generated and thus affect the machining efficiency, if you want to be the first point is the corresponding files will comprehensively is cutting process also have the cutting diagram, and to prepare the order saw road, have the borehole drilling process diagram, and according to different types of drilling holes have different optimal drilling, at the same time, combining with the working hours to. 4, the principle of the quality of any process in improving efficacy are not at the expense of the quality of the product, because the product quality is the life of the product, on the premise of quality to be used. 5, the principle of gradual under a good process design is just a better better the start of process design, technological design itself is a fumble ceaselessly in practice, constantly improve the process, only better to no good. Production management personnel should get into the habit of data management and data manipulation so as to constantly progress continuously improve, beyond one after another new limits, and not in accordance with the experience in emotional management today, my mood is good, the workers also listen to the command, then the process of the product is very smooth, or with some factors affecting on the end appears some pipe for several years or even decades of production, management level is in a stage, progress is not obvious; And some people on the basis of the science reasonable method to control the production process, can be in the mood in the short term and more to do better because he is one step one step in the steady progress. A: share some small tips office furniture odor removal under a: woodworking machinery factory to explain in detail how to reduce noise in wood machine work
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