Furniture production equipment: CNC cutting machine daily maintenance

by:Gewinn     2020-04-27
Cutting machine is indispensable to some light industry equipment. Traditional ideas, the machine is with the help of the machine movement reaction pressure in the die cutter, cutting machining of material machine. Some changes have taken place in modern cutting machine, start the high pressure water bundle, ultrasound and other advanced technology used in leather cutting technology, but people still to conclude these devices in the open machine equipment of a class. Today, we will produce the equipment with the furniture company to know about the cutting machine. Some customers because the job is busy often ignored the problem of cutting machine oil, equipment for several days or weeks doesn't work, also do not pay attention to equipment in oil. Furniture production equipment company tells us that oil in open play an important role in the process of machine maintenance, the correct approach is: refueling cycle to twice per month, namely oil every two weeks. Clean guide with screw. After a slow walk, ensure uniform lubricating oil to add to the guide rail and ball screw. Machine if not for a long time, should be lubricated periodically empty, to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system. Regular cleaning engraving machine screw, prevent the screw with foreign body. Screw decides the accuracy of the machine in the device, and screw also play an important role in the transmission process. After finish machining, to promptly clean up the table and bare the dust on the electrical accessories, wood chips, etc. , keep the mesa and machine clean health. Regular cleaning the electrical box, dust is circuit board big killer, the operation of the dust will cause little more circuit boards in question, it is easy to appear the breakpoint, run, and so on and so forth. Regular cleaning besmirch on guide rail, rack, the slider, in order to prevent debris interference lead to problems in the machine in working process. A: woodworking machinery factory on how to reduce noise in wood machine work under a: furniture production equipment: nine big plate cutting machine maintenance points
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