Furniture production equipment mainly factors affecting sealing side machine

by:Gewinn     2020-04-27
Furniture production equipment mainly factors affecting sealing side machine because of edge banding machine engine and crawler cannot very good cooperate, make tracks in running is not smooth, assumes the wavy, causing stress with the plate between the end face, edge banding in the sealing edge is not straight, adverse trimming device ( With the trimming knife) within the device itself ; Glue spreader with bad cooperation with roller, lack of glue or glue uneven phenomenon is very common; Trimming cutter and chamfering cutter often is not good, not only need extra and trimming, artificial and trimming quality is difficult to guarantee. To sum up, due to poor equipment debugging, maintenance and maintenance level, the quality problem for general, for the last. Material as base material of man-made board, thickness deviation is generally not up to standard, higher tolerance, and often beyond the tolerance range ( The allowed tolerance range 0. 1 to 0. 2) ; Flatness is also are not up to standard. This makes the pressure on the surface of the caterpillar turn distance ( The thickness of the base material) It is difficult to grasp, distance is too small too tight, the easy to cause stress increase, does produce glue; Not tightly on plate spacing is too high, can't guarantee with the plate edge banding solid combination. Machining precision in machining process, machining errors mainly comes from cutting and precision cutting. Due to the equipment system error and machining error of workers, the workpiece end face cannot reach level, and the adjacent surface cannot remain vertical, so sealing side sealing side bar cannot be completely contact with board face after sealing the edge crack or base material, affect beautiful. What is more, base material in crack appeared in the process of machining, rely on the sealing side is difficult to cover. Edge banding material sealing side mostly for PVC, much affected by the environment. Winter harden and affinity drops of glue, coupled with the storage time is longer, the surface aging, on the adhesive strength of adhesive is lower. For the thickness of the paper is very small, edge banding, because of its high toughness thickness is too small ( Such as thickness of 0. 3毫米) , causing the incision of edge banding not neat, bonding strength is not enough and trimming effect is bad, the rework rate is very high, waste of edge banding is also very serious. Using the special adhesive sealing side edge banding hot melt glue. Due to the low temperature in winter, in order to ensure the glue and intensity, the temperature of the glue should be a little higher. If too high, more than 190 ℃, the glue is too thin, sub thinning, when apply to the board face is cool, and low temperature also edge banding, sealing side strength decreased obviously. If the temperature to 170 ℃, glue is a bit thick, but the temperature of the lower edge banding, glue and strength is not enough. Low temperature, melt glue can't very good. In production, this contradiction is very outstanding, also it is difficult to solve. Coupled with the adhesive bonding quality of itself as well as with base material and the adaptability and affinity to each other among the edge banding, influence the quality of sealing side. A: on the various parts of the sealing side machine set of functions is introduced: the next: the structure of the automatic edge banding machine
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