Furniture production equipment: nine big plate cutting machine maintenance

by:Gewinn     2020-04-27
Cutting machine is indispensable to some light industry equipment. Traditional ideas, the machine is with the help of the machine movement reaction pressure in the die cutter, cutting machining of material machine. Some changes have taken place in modern cutting machine, start the high pressure water bundle, ultrasound and other advanced technology used in leather cutting technology, but people still to conclude these devices in the open machine equipment of a class. Custom furniture is very popular now, buy a mechanical device, the longer service life, means more cost savings, take good care of this request for equipment, furniture production equipment share below the nine maintenance method of the plate cutting machine. 1, good machine to be placed in dry ventilated place, To prevent exposure) 2, the machine must be configured a reliable voltage regulator, to assure the safety of ground wire ground 3, as far as possible need not to get to the Internet computer output files to the carving machine 4, the machine to maintain once every other month ( The screw on the right amount of lubricating oil) 5, control box is placed in a well-ventilated place, can't work in high temperature zone 6, in a certain time to check if there's any loose for carving machine line 7, do not put sundry in carving machine face or head ( With a magnetic material, super weight items, liquid) 8, don't let the machine work often time on the carving machine is used the same corner, In case the lead screw and guide rail is often time no contact with the beam and not reasonable lubrication) 9, keep good lubrication condition, regular inspection and cleaning screw, add or replace oil and grease oil, screw, nut and so on various sports areas always keep good lubrication condition, to reduce mechanical wear and tear. Computer and control box if it is too dirty, dust is too much, will affect the normal operation of the engraving machine. Too dirty in the control box, burn out drive possible short circuit phenomenon. Must maintain a motherboard and regular cleaning the health, ventilation drying all kinds of CARDS. A: furniture production equipment: CNC cutting machine a: under the daily maintenance of woodworking machinery factory - Woodworking machinery manufacturing equipment storage considerations
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