Heck has successfully turned CNC machine tools into 3D printers

by:Gewinn     2022-04-24
Recently, Heck Company announced that Heck Company has submitted a patent application for a technology that combines 3D printing technology with CNC machining. Founded in 1968, Hurco is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. It is a global industrial technology company and a leading manufacturer of CNC machine tools. It has 12 independent wholly-owned subsidiaries around the world. , a NASDAQ-listed company. 'We have designed a production adapter that, combined with Heck's proprietary control software, can quickly and efficiently turn a CNC machine into a 3D printer,' said Mr. Greg Volovic, President of Heck. 'Hurco has a long history of innovative inventions that continue to bring more productive products and profitability to customers. This patent application will be another innovative technology that Hurco will bring to our customers. With this With this new feature, users can realize the entire process from drawings to plastic prototypes to finished metal products on one machine, avoiding the waste of expensive metal and raw materials caused by repeated debugging and multiple trials to optimize the prototype,” Mr. Volovic Said further. This new manufacturing technology allows Heck to implement 3D printing capabilities directly on the machine without the need for additional 3D printers. Heck is investigating expanding the application of this invention to enable more diverse manufacturing processes. “We recently filed a utility patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office detailing various novel features of our 3D printing technology. Our control technology enables customers to quickly and easily use CNC machining-based 3D printing And prototyping functions. At the Chicago International Machine Tool Show in September this year, the new generation of Hurco controllers will debut. What is worth looking forward to is that we not only introduce a new design, but also bring users a unique An innovative functional experience. You won't find it on other CNC machines.' Mr. Volovic said so. Heck has the world's most advanced and intuitive intelligent control system (independently developed Winmax control system), and its rich machine tool products can help users optimize the metal processing process. For more than 40 years, Huck's intelligent CNC technology has been in a leading position in the machinery manufacturing industry, with 60 valid patents in 15 countries.
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